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Nicola Snow has been studying Egyptian Dance, sometimes called Raqs Sharqi (literally translated as Oriental Dance), or more commonly known as Belly Dancing, for over 13 years.  She has been teaching locally for several years for beginners and improvers.  Nicola also studied ballet until she was eighteen which has given her a good grounding in basic dance methodology.













Nicola has studied various forms of the dance, including folk, baladi, classical, Bedouin, Lebanese, and various other forms, and every year travels to workshops held by a variety of different teachers to expand her own knowledge base.


Through Nicola’s contacts with other dancers and teachers, she aims to arrange haflas (dance parties) with dancers from other areas, on a regular basis, to perform choreographies learnt in class, and to see other dancers perform.  She also actively encourages students to take workshops with other teachers and provides information for various workshops.


Dance Classes - see separate page for details of current classes                                                                                 

Egyptian Dance can be performed by all ages, and all sizes, and whilst men do dance, we currently are holding classes for women only. 

No previous dance experience is needed, and no special clothing is required.  We normally dance in bare feet, in clothes that are comfortable.  However, once you have been dancing for a while you may find that you want to buy a hip scarf or two, as well as other costumes. (all part of the fun!)  As a beginner we will loan you a hip scarf during classes. 


Most of all Nicola wants people to enjoy dancing at whatever level they want, whether it is for exercise, just for fun or to learn about probably the oldest known form of dance in the world!


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